#NovembertoRemember: Do you wanna shoot a short film?

25 Nov

As a film major, I knew at some point I would have to shoot a short film, I just didn’t think the moment would come so fast. Beginning on November 1st, I started the process of creating a one minute short film for one of my classes.

The screenwriting process was a bit challenging, I had to come up with characters, dialogue and make sure to have a climax and conclusion that would all be included in a minute’s time.

After a week of writer’s block, I finally came up with “Something Blue”. The film followed three friends during a girl’s night where one of them finds a Tiffany’s box in her boyfriend’s jacket (dunnn dunnn dunnnnnnn!). This escalate and the audience is left with an open ending.

Now that the writing was done, I just needed to actually shoot the film. After finding my actors and a location, I was ready to direct. Thirty-seven video takes and forty-one audio takes later, I had a hard drive full of media and only a little time left to put to it all together.

photo 3

I’m excited that I have finally jumped into the film world, even if it was a low budget student film. There is nowhere to go but up and its only lights, camera and ACTION from here on out! It was definitely a  #NovembertoRemember!



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