#NovembertoRemember: First and Last Homecoming as a UA Student

25 Nov

I’m a senior at the University of Arizona and this is my first year owning a Zona Zoo pass. Why?! Freshman year, my friend group was a bunch of guys from Manzi Mo. You think that they’d be into sports, but they were not. By the time I was a Sophomore, I was not interested in going anymore. Junior year, I lived at the Seasons complex, which was a 15 minute drive from school. Senior year…I NEEDED to experience the infamous Zoo and U of A pride. I sacrificed $150, and it has been one of the best experiences of my entire college career.


To kick off me fully celebrating Homecoming (U of A’s 100th Homecoming!) by immersing myself completely in school spirit, I attended the Homecoming bonfire, Homecoming football game against CU, and the exhibition basketball game against Cal Poly. We won both, of course! It was a weekend full of school pride for our wonderful athletics teams. Shout out to my roommate Kaelyn who provided me with this cute Wildcat face decal!


I went to the Homecoming bonfire with two of those guy friends who did not want to get Zona Zoo with me my freshman year. Funny story—neither of them go to the U of A anymore. I wish they did, and it’s nice that I still get to see them, but I was happy when they accepted my invitation to enjoy some school festivities. Even though we weren’t right next to the fire, I could basically feel the heat right on my face! It was such a fun, school pride-filled event. My favorite part was the band playing.


On Saturday, I went to the football game with my roommates Kaelyn, Vicki, and Anshula, and met up with our friends Brian and Salvador. It was a ton of fun! I’m not the biggest football fan, but the environment was addictive.


On Sunday, my roommate Vicki and I went to the exhibition game. At this game, I legitimately and completely fell in love with Men’s Basketball. I’ve currently gone to all games of the season! My weekend at U of A was an eye-opening experience for me, and I can easily say it was one of the most fun and exciting weekends I have had at U of A so far, because of the collective school pride, intensity, and the entire student body “bearing down!”


I’m sad I will soon become the status of “Alumni” rather than “Student,” but I know that this year’s Homecoming festivities will not be my last. I will be a very proud alumnus of the University of Arizona. BEAR DOWN!        

IMG_4285– Sarah



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