#NovembertoRemember: In Rugby and In Life #NovembertoRemember

25 Nov

This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure to travel with my rugby team to San Diego for the annual Scrum By The Sea tournament hosted by UC San Diego. Last year at the tournament, I was a little rookie, bumbling around the field in my first ever match. Needless to say I was very confused. However, this year, as a (semi) seasoned vet, I was able to play with knowledge and experience behind me and watch the rookies run around learning the game as I did last year. We ended up tying for third place with ASU (boo!), enjoying a trip to the beach and dip in the freezing ocean, and spending a total of about 16 hours on a bus. There was also a lot of sitting around in the hot sun.

It was a great experience, definitely the most memorable weekend of November for me. Looking back on it though, I realized how similar of an experience this was to my freshman and sophomore years. Just like my rookie year of rugby, my freshman year of college was a lot of wandering around and confusion. My first semester was a big learning curve coming out of a tiny high school. Everything was new and I didn’t know anyone, just like starting a new sport. It wasn’t easy but as I got more comfortable at the U of A, I was able to manage my time better, get more done, and enjoy my free time with less stress. It was as if I was learning the game of college. I went into my sophomore year feeling like the queen of campus. I knew where everything was- or so I thought (I still got lost a couple times). It was like I was no longer a rookie; I just got to watch the freshmen figure everything out themselves, as I had. That’s how Scrum By The Sea felt this year. I was no longer a freshman, no longer a rookie.

I still have so much to learn, though. I am a junior and I still have so many questions. I’m a vet on the rugby pitch, but I still run the wrong plays and drop a ball here and there. But it all gets easier as the experience rolls in. Scrum By The Sea was incredible and I have one more left in my college career. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead- in school and in rugby. It’s been a #NovembertoRemember for sure.


– Serena


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