Powering Through, The Right Way!

26 Nov

The most stressful part of the semester is finally upon us, and our bodies and minds need all the help they can get! I’ve been at the University of Arizona for 3 years, and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve picked up a thing or two about staying healthy during such an energy demanding point in the semester.

1. Sleep

This one’s pretty obvious, but it really is the key to performing the best of your ability. Earlier this semester, I asked a friend of mine who is a graduate student, for advice on how to survive midterms. And the very first thing he brought up was, you guessed it, sleep! He suggested shooting for at least 7 hours every night, and a minimum of 5. If you can help it, avoid all-nighters at all cost!

2. Food

I know take out and packaged foods are always tempting, considering that they’re fast and easy to buy and consume, but in the long run, your body is screaming for nutrients. Now, I’m not here to lecture you about adopting a strict healthy diet, but a temporary one wouldn’t be so bad would it? For example, from personal experience, I find that apples are great sources of energy (most fruit for that matter). They’re not expensive, and are something quick to grab right before you leave your dorm/apartment/house.

Check out: “Healthy Eating for College Students on a Budget”

3. Drinks

If getting the right amount of sleep doesn’t work so much in your favor, there are a wide variety of beverages that can put a little spring back in your step. And I’m not talking about energy drinks! I’m talking about water (water and water and more water!), juice (try to shoot for the more natural kinds), and, of course, coffee. There are two Starbucks on campus, one located in the bookstore, and just outside of the main library. There are places like C.C.’s, which is located next to the bookstore, along with U-Mart and Highland Market.

If you follow these guidelines as closely as you possibly can, expect to feel awake and ready to dominate your final exams and finish off this semester with a stride of pride!


Best Wishes,

Casey Norris

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