#DreadedDecember: The Anticipation of Home Sweet Home

3 Dec

I moved about 113 miles away from home. I am youngest of three and my siblings moved over 600 miles away from home.

Being so close to home, my family and friends continuously ask me when I am coming home. This mainly happens when I am not in school, like when I have winter break. I feel loved, but I still have bills in Tucson. I cannot just go on a vacation, even though that would be nice. 

I love all my family and friends, but every year I dread getting these phone calls and text messages. I get sad because I know they want to see me because it has been a while, but it just does not work out all the time.

One thing they do not realize is that when I go back home, their life does not stop. It is hard to schedule times to hang out because everyone still has work even though I do not. It gets frustrating because even though I really want to go home and spend time with family and friends it is not always possible.

Even though this is dreadful and I deal with this every break, I try and make the best out of it and never let it get me down. If my break is a week I will go home for at least two days, so they can’t say I didn’t try. If my break is longer than a week, I try to go home for at least for a week. Key word is that I try.

Overall, I am looking forward to winter break, this is the time to recover from the semester. Most importantly I will be able to see my mother and father for sure, plus still make money.


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