Not According to Plan

5 Dec

Coming to college can be so exciting. You made it to this wonderful place where you are have no curfew, eat what ever you want, make tons of friends, and still manage to get perfect grades. Most Freshmen come into college with these expectations, I know I did, but by the end of the semester things somehow didn’t go according to plan.


When I came into college, I thought I was ready to be my own person. I was going to go to bed at a reasonable hour and cook all of my meal and become super fit. What I didn’t realize was that dorm rooms aren’t exactly the best place to go to bed early or cook all of my meals. With a roommate less then ten feet away who stays up all hours and the pile of homework at the end of the day, going to bed at a reasonable time and having a nice cooked meal was is a rare occurrence. Cooking my own meals was much harder then I expected, and I rarely went to the dorm kitchen to cook a meal. So microwave meals became more frequent. Once the food my parents bought me depleted, I resorted to eating out at the Union more than ever. After a semester of these habits left me sleep deprived and 15 pounds heavier, I truly realized that I had to be much more accountable for my health and wellness.


Another expectation is that you will make tons of new friends and hang out with them all the time. I know that I lived in a dorm my freshman year and while I did make friends, it was much harder than I expected. High school is a much smaller community and you have classes with most of the same people for all four years. In college, while you do meet people in your classes, you only have that class for one semester and then you are thrown in with an entire set of new people. While dorms are an excellent way to meet people, I really had to go out of my way and make conversation with the girls in my hall. I had to go out side my comfort zone and attend hall meetings and join clubs.


Finally you are expected to do all of these things and get perfect grades. When I came out of high school I thought I was going to get all A’s. I had been in AP classes and those were like college, right? I was so wrong – I didn’t know how much I had to put into those courses. I had no homework, which made me think the class would be a breeze. Then the first exam came, and I got a D. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I had that exam in the bag. I started to study more and then I had my second exam, I got a C. I knew I had to do better, but I had so much time left to improve my grade! So I procrastinated. Around the first week of November, I realized I only had a month to improve my grades. I studied like crazy, got a tutor, went to office hours, and attend every class. I have never worked so hard in my life. I ended up with a B barely, but I really came into college thinking every class was going to be easy.


What I’m saying is that coming to college, you have these preconceived notions about what’s going to happen, and they might not necessarily happen. I know that once I started college, everything changed and I really had to roll with the punches. You may not have the year you expect to have but you learn from your mistakes and you try your best. I wouldn’t take back my freshman year for anything, mistakes and all.



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