#NovembertoRemember: A Family to be Thankful For

5 Dec

In the past, November has never really been my favorite month. Whether it be because of a heartbreak, health issues, or loss in the family, I always dread this time of the year. However, this year was a completely different story. Because my very first real relationship was cut short in high school, the one that I am currently in, has become my very first serious relationship. And it was about that point in time when it wouldn’t hurt to become acquainted with his family, and what would be a more perfect opportunity to do so than during Thanksgiving break in his hometown?

I’ll admit, I was fairly nervous during the drive down, and pretty much all the way up until we were standing at his front door. His mother opened the door and greeted us with one of those “warm motherly” smiles that every child wants to see. His father gave me a nice handshake and his youngest (incredibly adorable) sister introduced herself enthusiastically. Suddenly, all of my nerves and worries washed away, and we settled ourselves in shortly after.

Throughout the visit, he showed me around his hometown, particularly the older part, and the spots he spent time in as a child. This included the church where he had cub scout meetings in, the barber shop where he gets his hair cut, and the pole in which he broke his nose against (he now has metal plates in his face by the way!). We also attended some holiday festivities and had dinner with his old boss at the local radio station.

The actual Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. Before we started eating, we all went around the table and said what we were most thankful for…

  • My mother, who continues to tell me that “everything will be okay”
  • My brother, who is currently serving our country in the Air Force and continues to make me more and more proud everyday
  • My mother’s significant other, who has been by her side when she’s needed to be taken care of the most
  • Having the opportunity to attend such an amazing university
  • All the people who I have met since I’ve been at the U of A (my boyfriend and his family included)
  • For his family welcoming me into their home, and allowing me to share this day with them

All and all, I think the visit went extremely well. There were a little hiccups along the way but what’s a holiday without any, right?

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

Casey Norris

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