#NovembertoRemember: A Tale as Old As Time

5 Dec

For my November to Remember I went to see my first musical with my family. Now, to some that might seem boring but I LOVE musicals! The music, the drama, the costumes… I love it all! My family and I went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Phoenix, and it was everything I expected and more!


I being who I am insisted everyone dress up for the event (it was my birthday so they agreed), and let me tell you we looked great. Looking back, it’s a good thing we did because everyone there was dressed to the nines!


 The theater was amazing, the ornate decorating made it seem as though you were back in the roaring 20’s and the atmosphere was crackling with anticipation for the upcoming performance.

Orpheum Theatre 2

Once the play started, everyone was entranced. Everything about it was amazing; from the singing to the dancing to the costumes, it was the best birthday I had ever had, and it was an experience I would never forget. This performance showed why this is a favorite of many, and why it is truly a tale as old as time.




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