#NovemberToRemember: Becoming a STAR

5 Dec

Life happens. It’s inevitable. Sometimes we are going to be tired, stressed, sad, mad, and unprepared. Sometimes we might feel all of these ways at once. However, the key for every student is to not let these emotions get to them.

This semester I have had a unique experience that I would like to share and reflect on.

I have recently been reflecting on my experience with college so far and have really come up with some great conclusions and observations. Here they are:

First off, college is not easy. It’s complex, its evolving, it changes; everyone has their own experience with college and it is not something one can easily become accustomed to. That’s the truth. It’s not just about exams or grades or essays or projects or labs or discussions or participation. College is a lifestyle, something you have to adapt to and something you must become passionate about. This isn’t high school any more, kids.

Everyone has different experiences, everyone is here for different reasons, every single person is different in general! This campus is so diverse and so many different students call this place home, never forget that. Never compare yourself or your experience with someone else’s, because there is literally only one you. Do you, boo boo. Make yourself happy before you try to impress or satisy other people. College is about you. YOU. You must learn about yourself here. LIVE IT, LOVE.

College is here and you must make it your own. Learn to adapt your experience to your specific needs and interests. FIND the perfect major for you, find the people that make you the happiest, enjoy your experience.As a student, the worst thing one can do is dread on their experiences or stress about their errors. GET UP AND FIX IT. Become organized, passionate, interested.

Make this the experience you always wanted to have. Be your own self advocate.

Be a star, find the magic in yourself.

Make this not just a #NovemberToRemember but a Time to Remember!


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