… Wait… What?!

5 Dec

Freshman year. I don’t know what expectations I had when I came to the University of Arizona, although, I knew I was excited and SOOOO nervous. Obviously, I knew that everyone that came here would be studying different subjects. I assume it crossed my mind that everyone would have different experiences, but it wasn’t until I was in the midst of my freshman year that I realized that my experience here would be NOTHING like anyone else. It looked like mine would be a long, rough journey while some people would have a cake walk. 

amy dancing

My journey is like Amy’s dance moves, a little rough, but fun! Meanwhile, others….

queen b

are rockin’ it.


Anyway… This was made extremely clear to me from the get go. A few weeks into the semester, I found out that I was in a class that was tailored to sophomore science majors, where I (a first semester freshman) was taking it just to test out the waters. On top of that, I found out that the specific class I was in was an “experimental” class, which essentially meant we were learning nothing the other students were learning, so when lab came around, I had no idea what was going on. Ever.

bale confused

I am SURE this was my face in every lab.

And if I didn’t already understand that my work load was large, my math class was there to reinforce that. Out of everyone I became friends with my freshman year, I was in the highest level math class and I was NOT prepared for the material or the pace. It was one of the toughest parts of my first semester.

But what really put this all into perspective was my homework. I had crazy math homework every night and a 4 hour lab once a week for my science class. I spent countless hours every night working on assignments. All of my friends would be going to get dinner and I would be stuck in my dorm doing homework for hours. 

In fact, I had so many assignments that I need to use post it notes to keep myself organized. I had 15-20 post it notes with assignments for a single week. At the end of each week I would make new post it notes for the following week. I was drowning in post its.

Post it note cat

The cat representation of me running away from homework…

The biggest realization I had freshman year was that even though we are all sharing this experience, it will be unique to every individual. That is the magic of college, we all come here from different backgrounds with different interests that lead us to different paths. The workload for a BFA theatre student is polar opposite from a mechanical engineering student, both have their challenges and rewards. 

 This experience is different for everyone, it is amazing and challenging. Enjoy your time here. Again, not everyone will have the same experience or work load as you. 


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