#DreadedDecember: Applications, Applications, and MORE Applications!

10 Dec

Graduation. As a freshman, that thought seems so far away, a mere glimmer in the distant future, but you will be surprised by how fast your time as an undergraduate student will fly by. I can clearly recall my first day as a freshman, so intimidated by the wide expanse of the campus. However, now, after four years, I still don’t know where everything is, but I can manage to find my way around without suffering an anxiety attack. No, my biggest fear now as a senior is not going into the wrong classroom, it’s figuring out what comes next.

So what does come next? For me, the first step was actually applying for graduation. I can’t figure out what I’m doing after graduation if I don’t graduate to begin with (although that thought does seem appealing, I can only put this off for so long before I have to pay late fees, and we know we want to avoid that as much as possible since we’re all on that college budget).



Finally sending in that application was scary because it made the thought a reality. However, that is nothing compared to the next steps: actually applying to post-degree programs, or in my case, pharmacy school. It’s like college applications all over again with having to worry about sending official transcripts, taking admissions tests, getting letters of recommendation, and writing essays for those darned applications. Sending applications is my #DreadedDecember, as I will be spending most of my winter break trying to make my January 1st and February 1st deadlines. Wish me luck. You will be going through the same sooner than you know it!



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