#DreadedDecember: Stressed, Depressed, but Still Well Dressed!

10 Dec


December is a pretty busy month for all of us at the university, as we all scramble to finish up our last assignments, study for finals, and read those darned books that were assigned at the beginning of the semester (*Cough* that have been perhaps collecting dust). Aside from the academic stress, I had a whole other dreaded task on my mind: clearing out my closet and making my annual decisions on what parts of my wardrobe I want to keep, and what parts I want to give away (*wince*).

Now this is a hefty task you see, because I really do have an overflowing wardrobe…

Since I am an avid traveler and have homes on two different sides of the globe, I have enough clothes, shoes, and accessories to fill two different wardrobes. In reality, with all my traveling, I need to pack lightly–so I’m determined to continue keeping a clean and organized space for the sake of my overflowing drawers and closet space. Besides, in the end when I make space in my closet, I get to bring in the new year with some new clothes!




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