#DreadedDecember: Everyone’s Favorite Time of the Year!

12 Dec

Yup, you guessed it! It’s that hustle and bustle, darty eyes, dark circles-inducing, time of year. Finals! *dun dun dun*



Currently I have 3 finals left to complete, then I’m finally free for 2015. Needless to say, I am very excited, especially considering that I finally get to go home and see my family after 5 long months. And the reason is that my mother actually resides in Oregon, and has lived there for the past couple of years. Sure the weather will more than likely be a bit chillier, and being acclimated to this Arizona weather I may very well freeze, but I’m incredibly anxious to go nonetheless.

excitedBut before I can pack my bags and book a shuttle to Phoenix, I must finish this semester off as strongly as I possibly can. And that’s all I can really do, instead of burdening my mind with unnecessary worry and regret, thinking; “I shouldn’t have turned in those assignments late at the beginning of the semester!” or “I missed out on such easy points last month! Stupid! Stupid!” It’s all in the past, and let’s face facts, there’s nothing I can do about it now.


I’m not saying that it was okay for me to make such silly mistakes, but I don’t recommend beating yourself up about the past. It’s only going to make you feel worse about yourself, and hopeless during the rest of finals week. We’ve all worked extremely hard this semester, and even if you don’t think you did, be proud that you make it through all the way. That is quite the accomplishment in itself, especially in college.


New Year’s is approaching, and we have all of the rest of December to tie off loose ends, and power through to the best of our ability knowing that a fresh new start is just around the corner! So, just try to look at this as the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I will acknowledge the fact that finals are very crucial to our grades, but try not to look it as a “make it or break it” situation. That’s what I keep telling myself, and it’s making staying grounded and sane a lot easier.

Just do your best, and you’ll be great 🙂


Best of luck in the rest of 2014!





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