#DreadedDecember: Home for the Holidays

17 Dec

Moving away from home did not really phase me all that much. I was ready to start a life of my own and follow whatever path fate had for me. Sure, I missed my hometown’s weather and my bed!

Now I really do believe in the saying “there’s no place like home.” It wasn’t until I found out my holiday visits back home this year would be my last that I realized how true it is. My dad recently got a promotion, so my parents are expecting to move out of my childhood home this Spring. I am thrilled my dad finally got the position he’s worked hard for. I’m happy that my mom can spend more time with my dad since the drive to work will be half the time.

Every now and then I would come back home and help my mom pack up our things. At first I was okay with the news. I even started packing all my possessions from when I was little and found some pretty interesting stuff!

But then… I went back home for Thanksgiving and it was a holiday well spent. We cooked all of the delicious dishes, breathed in the nice cool air, and I finally got to see how fall should really look! I started looking around at all the pictures and furniture and it hit me. This will be the last Thanksgiving and Christmas I will have in the place I’ve cherished for so long! I was devastated. No dorm room, no apartment, no studio loft can ever replace the memories made in that house.

I began reminiscing on the smells of my mom’s home cooked meals. I visited my old hiding place right by the big oak tree in my backyard. I even pretended to throw one last pitch to my dad right where we used to practice all my change ups and screw balls!

There were plenty of other characteristics to that house that I will miss dearly. Of course I will never forget the memories, good or bad. While I may not return to the same cozy, brick home for next year’s holidays, I remind myself it was my family and friends that made living there such a fun ride.

So, my send off to you is, if you feel like home will never be the same, a house is just a house. But the time you spent growing as a person there is way more important.


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