#DreadedDecember: The First Christmas Apart

17 Dec

Typically for the holidays, I look forward to reuniting with my two sisters and brother-in-law. Since my sister Monica lives in Chicago and my other sister Jennifer lives in Houston, the only time we are able to be together is during the holidays. Growing up, we always went all out for Christmas even though we aren’t Christian. We would always put the tree up together, make a big Christmas feast, play in the snow, watch classic holiday movies, and spend lots of time together. I loved being able to laugh the night away with my two big sisters while sippin’ on some yummy hot cocoa in front of the warm fireplace. The holidays with my sisters were my favorite time of the year especially due to all of the gifts they got me-being the youngest baby sister definitely had its perks. This year, only my sister Monica will be flying out. Jenny will be staying in Houston to save some money this year. I am dreading not being able to be with both my sisters! It just won’t be the same! I know that we will be able to reunite soon enough, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t be sad. Although it’s #DreadedDecember, I was #hopeful and #excited for the future – when we will all be able to live in the same place and celebrate the holidays together without fail every single year! Until those days come, I’ll just have to be thankful for what I have!


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