It’s All Good, I’m Already Pretty Great!

18 Dec

The New Year is just around the corner, which means people are going back and forth trying to figure it all out.


The end of a year brings about reflection and reminiscing of all the successes, failures, memorable laughs, etc.


With such reflection also comes the pondering of what the new year will bring and the resolutions to be made. A new year is always associated with resolutions… resolutions that usually take something currently viewed as negative or nonexistent in your life and an attempt to reverse them into positive outcomes. During this time it’s easy to forget the good qualities and habits that you’ve already developed or maintained. 


As my wise coworker mentioned… why not write a blog about reflecting on the good of this year?

So with that said, here it is- a blog about the good things in 2014: a guided self-reflection.

First and foremost, think: “dear self, what have you done right?”. Hopefully this answer won’t be too hard to answer. If you need ideas of how to answer this one try:

1. I decided to pursue a college degree!

2. I became a Wildcat!


3. I read some Wildcat Connections!


Now that you’ve uncovered some of your starting achievements here are some questions to guide you in your process of self-reflecting on 2014.

1. What was/were your greatest achievements? Why?

2. What was the greatest challenge(s) of this year and how did you go about it/them?

3. In what ways did you grow (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally)? 

4. What change in yourself do you find the most exciting or helpful this year?

5. What is the greatest lesson(s) you learned this year? 

6. What were the most valuable relationships of this year and what made them so?

7. From your past resolutions, which ones did you accomplish and how did you go about doing so?

8. What are you most thankful for in this past year? 

9. What new skills/habits did you develop that you’re proud of?

10. Are you happy with how 2014 went? If not, what could of made it better?

In reflecting on your past year you have the opportunity to not only reflect on your achievements, but also prepare for your future resolutions. New Year’s is a great opportunity to start new, yes, but also continue to do all the rights things you’re already doing! Just because the norm is to find ways to improve doesn’t mean you can’t break from the norm to celebrate how great you already are! 


– Lucero

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