The Semester is Coming

18 Dec

Classes are starting again soon, and there are plenty of things you can do now to prepare. These ten tips will help you cover some of your bases.

1. Absolutely do not panic.


There will be more time for that near the end of the semester.


2. Find where your classes are.


Use the UA App to search for buildings you’ve never heard of.


3. Clean your room or apartment.


We all know it won’t be clean for long.


4. Start how you want to finish.


Start all those healthy eating and time management goals to get the routine going.


5. Use your free time to hang out with friends and even set dates to hang out during the semester.


Saying ‘let’s hang out’ doesn’t  count.


6. Set-up all your routine check-ups now.


Going to the doctor or the dentist is not an excused absence in college.


7. Pre-order your text books now.


’nuff said.


8. Hit up the big box stores for necessities now.


Stock up on toilet paper and shampoo to save last minute trips to the store.


9. Enjoy your last days of freedom.


It can be really hard to make time for yourself or fun during the semester.


10. Get ready for your best semester ever.


The semester is exactly what you make of it. I think you’re ready.


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