#DreadedDecember: Get Outta Here

19 Dec

Oh beautiful winter break is here. I get to relax and enjoy the comfort of my bed…



If you currently or ever have lived in the dorms, you know about that dreaded check out for the winter break. Not that leaving the dorms is a bad thing at all – it actually sounds like a most therapeutic and enjoyable idea – but the process leading up to it isn’t the most fun experience. In addition to that, I have the RA responsibility of checking out my residents too. This is why checking out is my #DreadedDecember task!


So to begin this mad process, there is first a wing meeting to be hosted. CHECK! I sort of bribed everyone to attend the meeting with Paradise Bakery cookies. Yum!


Next, signing up for check out times. Most of my residents already have left, but some residents are still lingering around. Not sure why you would linger around in the dorms past your last day of finals, but it happens. Maybe they just love the wing so much??? Especially their RA???? Wink, wink.


After that, there’s the actual check out process. So a check out involves checking the room (who would of guessed it right?), a lovely assessment, and reminders of things to do before they leave. Simple enough.

Lastly, make sure that everyone has left and no trash has been left behind. Keep it clean and pretty.

So in terms of personal check out, this is where it gets real fun! I have to make sure:

1) My room is clean (you’d figure not much mess can be made in dorms, but with all of my clothing indecisiveness in the mornings…it looks rough)….


2) To defrost my fridge (bye bye food)…


 3) Pack up every possible thing I might need for winter break! Now 1 and 2 are doable tasks….3 almost seems IMPOSSIBLE! How can I possibly pick out only a few items of clothing to last me for 2.5 whole weeks???


Sounds so limiting! Since I don’t have much of an option, I guess I’ll do it.

So far steps 1 and 2 have been completed. Step 3 I am still procrastinating on. I can’t make up my mind on what to take and what to leave behind…

There you have it: my #DreadedDecember task! Just gotta BEAR DOWN and CHECK OUT!


– Lucero

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