#DreadedDecember: Becoming Bobby Flay

22 Dec

We should just start this off by acknowledging my lack of cooking skills. To be as clear as possible: I suck at cooking. I burn almost every grilled cheese sandwich I make and I’ve managed to ruin canned soup. I pretty much avoid cooking at all costs.

I always feel bad about making a bowl of cereal for dinner or eating too much fast food, so I challenged myself to a 30-day Cooking Challenge. Basically, I vowed to cook every single day for thirty days.

Although this was something I was dreading, at least it gave me an excuse to peruse through the great world of Pinterest. I looked through my board and had plans to make homemade pizza, spaghetti squash pasta, chicken tortilla soup… I was ready to feed an entire army!

I definitely had some stumbles along the way, like only owning salt and pepper with no other spices and realizing I didn’t own a measuring cup halfway through the recipe. Even so, I was determined to complete the challenge!

Here are some of my favorite dishes, so far:

Chicken Burrito Bowl

My first meal was a “Knock-Off Chipotle Bowl”. Doesn’t that sound great? Who doesn’t love Chipotle? Get the recipe here.

IMG_1333 (1)


This came out super yummy! This is when I learned to follow the recipe precisely, especially in regards to ingredients. It asked for long grain rice, but I decided to use the regular rice we had, so it didn’t soak up the water as well. #rookiemistake

Ham & Cheddar Panini

This was another meal I was super excited about. There were so many options, but I decided to make a simple ham, cheddar, and spicy mustard panini. Obviously, it was delicious because cheese. I didn’t use the Hawaiian bread suggested and I really wish I had. Get the recipe here.



Chicken Fajita Soup

The most recent dinner I made was a chicken fajita soup. Soup is my favorite thing to eat, especially during the winter months. This soup had all of my favorite ingredients – avocado and cheese. (I’m just now realizing how unhealthy this sounds, but it was worth it!) Get the recipe here.

IMG_1412IMG_1415 (1)


I’m only 16 days into the challenge, but I’m determined to keep going. There have definitely been days that I didn’t cook, but considering how little I cooked before, this is a huge improvement. I haven’t reached my full Bobby Flay potential yet, but I can feel it coming. I’m not completely helpless when it comes to cooking. It also made me realize that my pictures of food will never look as good as the ones on Pinterest. How do they do it?! Anyway…

If you hate cooking, I really encourage you to take this challenge. You can even just make it a 7-day challenge, instead of 30. It’s really not as terrible as I thought it would be and you get so much yummy food out of it!




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