#Dreaded December: High Standards

23 Dec

The best part about December is finishing finals and going home to spend the holidays with my family. The worst part about December is having not only finals to worry about, but also the state of my apartment when my mother comes to collect me for break. I am a fairly clean person, but when my mother comes to visit, everything has to be spotless or else she will pick up the broom and do it herself. I love my mother, and I am so thankful that she takes the time to come to Tucson and pick me and my guinea pigs up, but it is a tad insulting when she tries to clean my apartment. It’s as if she doesn’t think I can do it alone. That’s why I have to scrub every inch of my place before she gets here.

I have decided to break my chores up over 3 days to reduce the stress of it all, and take a positive attitude towards doing these chores:

1. Sweeping


Even though my roommate will be staying even after I leave, it’s important to have the floors done when my mother arrives. When entering my apartment, the floor is the first thing that will catch my Mother’s attention, and if they are not spotless then my whole effort would be in vain. Sweeping not only includes the common area, but also my bedroom carpet. I have noticed that vacuuming does not do the job well enough, so I have taken to sweeping all the gunk out of my room instead.

2. Mopping


Mopping the common area can be difficult because the furniture will leave streaks if it is moved while the floor is wet. This means that it must be mopped in sections – time consuming but necessary.

3. Bathroom – Toilet, sink, cabinets, shower, counter, mirror


The bathroom is my least favorite space to clean – there are just too many things going on at once. I was always taught to use hard cleaning products like bleach, Pine-Sol, and Windex, but using these three products in a medium size bathroom causes a major headache. The smell alone is enough to deter me, but that partnered with a long session of scrubbing is the absolute worst. That’s why I’m going to do it in sections while bumping my favorite songs.

4. Cleaning out the Fridge


The most disgusting thing ever is to return to an apartment filled with rotting food, believe me – I would know. Getting rid of all the perishable food in the cabinets and fridge before it goes bad is a top priority. This includes all the vegetables, fruits, any food in Tupperware, lunch meat, juices, and especially milk.

5. Laundry


Doing laundry is always nice because it doesn’t require constant attention, but when you have to do more than 3 loads it can get a bit tedious. It is important to wash all your bedding before leaving on a trip so that it doesn’t have to be done upon returning. When leaving for break, I wash everything in the hamper and all my sweaters. I know that washing at home is an option, but having things clean beforehand is best when packing.

6. Organizing Closet and Dresser


After everything has been washed, it necessary to reorganize the dresser and closet and decide what to pack. My closet is organized by type of clothing which keeps everything in order, so the real task is deciding what to leave behind.

7. Packing


I know myself pretty well at this point, so when traveling home for break, all my pjs and lazy clothes are packed. I spend a lot of time at home with my family so there really is no need for fancy clothes, except for a Christmas and New Year outfit. Packing shoes can be difficult because I never know what to put on my feet so a pair of flats, my Nike’s, a pair of sandals and boots are my go to shoes to pack. My electronics are necessities so they are all charged up and packed in the same bag for efficiency. My (stuffed) turtle goes wherever I go, so he is one of the last things packed to ensure he’s accounted for. My favorite book and art supplies are also packed, even if they aren’t used on my break. I’d rather have them and not use them than want them and not have them.

8. Guinea Pig Duty


My guinea pigs are everything! But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a chore at times. Before leaving, they need to be bathed, have their cage cleaned, their carrier washed, and their snacks and vegetables packed. The hardest part of the process is bathing them, because they do not like to cooperate at all.

This list of tasks seems daunting, but I will feel better once it’s over. I’m just going to put my music on shuffle and knock it out. Wish me luck!



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