23 Dec

What is it that you’re studying, again?

And what do you want to do with that?

Oh, does that even pay well?

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We all go through it, the constant questions, the same responses; going home for the holidays can sure stress students out.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person who gets stressed out when I’m forced to talk about myself and my aspirations in life. I become a bit timid when informing others of what I want to do, or think I want to do. I guess I become intimidated or scared when waiting for one’s reactions to my plans.

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I cringe every time a relative asks me about college. I know I should be proud of my accomplishments, and I am, but I just hesitate whenever there is an audience listening to me ramble about my future plans.

I also sometimes lie about my accomplishments, either exaggerating or downplaying them to suit the conversation. I sometimes wonder why so many students have this problem, and how it can be changed.

I’ve learned that these are common conversations that EVERY college student engages in. These are things we should be proud of talking about, or at least feel confident with! I encourage myself to constantly be proud of my accomplishments, and of my failed attempts as well because they show that I’m trying and reaching out of the ordinary with my goals.

Your college experience is yours! And it is now! Take advantage of it. Do something new! Have fun, learn, live.

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Share what you have experienced, with your friends, family, with everyone! Be proud of your academic year!

This #DreadedDecember I have made it my immediate goal to share about my college experiences, and I do believe it will improve how I feel about myself as a student and professional!

Live it up!

wink animated GIF -Julian



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