#JumpStartJanuary: Supply Shopping

15 Jan

I’d like to start off by saying that college breaks are great–nay, awesome. College is most likely the last time of our lives where we have extended periods of free time with no worries or work to do (I mean seriously guys, we will never probably have this much downtime to ourselves again). With that said, it is perhaps our duty as college kids to dawdle and have as much fun as possible during these breaks.

These gloriously long break periods we get over the summer and winter months however, can take a toll on us all as we may creep back into the new semester with our old, lazy, uninspired habits.


If you’re like me, after every long college break, you have something I like to call “Vacation-brain.”


Being diagnosed with vacation-brain can be dangerous seeing as every new semester comes with a fresh workload, and boy does it come by fast. Being an expert in my personal case of vacation-brain, I’ve found a way to combat the slow fade into oblivion: by supply shopping.


It may seem juvenile, but buying new materials for academic purposes (or simply the distraction of pretty colors) can ease you back into your study routine. Here’s my list of school supplies that kicked my butt back in gear:

6ad0e1d537e47830a151394a1c6e761c68-297800-2 fnhwix.HILIGHT25.Sharpie-Accent-Highlighters.500.500.51a57800-f52b-4d4d-ab0e-eadd78453d5d mechanicalpencilsHappy 2015!



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