#JumpStartJanuary: A Clear Living Environment is a Clear Mind

20 Jan

I’m just going to come right out and admit it: I’m a mess. At the end of every semester, my bedroom turns into a landfill, my computer desktop is covered with random files, and I’ve completely stopped using my agenda. Any organization that I had in my life has flown out the window.

The beginning of every semester is a time to take a step back, accept the mess that I’ve become, and fix it! I’m a true believer in “clear environment, clear mind”. If my bedroom is a mess, my life is a mess. So, with a little bit of help from Pinterest, ideas from friends, and continuing past organizational habits, I have once again restored  clarity and organization in my life.

Here are some of the little tips and tricks that I’ve developed along the way:


1. Assignment Sheet


My biggest fear is walking into class and asking, “Wait, there was something due today?” As students, we’re juggling so much and it can be easy to forget about due dates. An assignment sheet is an at-a-glance page, broken down by months. Learn how to create one here.


2. Desktop Wallpaper


Every time I need to quickly save a photo, document, or any file onto my computer, my instinct  is to save it onto my desktop. After a while, my desktop becomes cluttered with random files. A few days ago, I discovered this brilliant idea. Set your desktop background to an image that has specific sections for your files, like the one I’ve set for my laptop, pictured above. Click here to get the wallpaper that I used and use PicMonkey to customize your own folders. If you’re not a fan of the design, you can also make your own with PicMonkey.


3.  Desk Organization 


Throughout the semester, I spend most of my time at my desk. So it’s essential that it’s organized and that it looks warm and inviting. I have my trusty #MugLife mug from Target, my writing utensils in Mason jars, and a candle. Get some ideas from good ole Pinterest and figure out what kind of environment works for you to get your brain going.

 4. “Peek at the Week” Calendar


I’ve always been a fan of calendars. Wall calendars, Google calendar, Canary – I’ve used them all. Recently, I found a new calendar from a blog, called “Peek at the Week”. I fill out a new sheet every Sunday night, so I’m up to date on what’s happening the following week. Click here to download your own copy.


Taking the time at the beginning of each semester to organize your life is essential to your success.  Find what organization tips work for you and create a clean environment for your semester. Good luck!



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