#JumpStartJanuary: Failure Wakes Me Up

20 Jan

I’m pretty confident in saying that the Fall 2014 semester, was probably the worst semester that I have ever had at the University of Arizona. And it had absolutely nothing to do with the university itself, but rather my mentality as a senior in college. I’m sure the majority of us are familiar with the term, “senioritis” and the feelings that it entails. Well, I was the epitome of senioritis, I simply did not care about anything. I stopped putting effort in my classes, my job, and even my health. To put it simply, I got lost.

But I am determined to keep that from happening again! So what I’ve done is come up with a couple guidelines that should help me throughout the Spring 2015 semester.

1) Maintain A Healthy Sleeping Schedule 

I have been advised numerous times on the importance of sleep, and the correlation it has with academic performance. It’s been decided that on average, I should shoot for at least 7 hours of sleep, and avoid all-nighters at all costs!


2) Take Medication Consistently 

I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder my junior year in high school, and have been put on prescription medication ever since. And if I happen to “forget” to take my medication one too many times, it increases my likeliness of having a seizure (which actually happened over this past winter break).


3) Utilize Resources 

When I say resources, I’m talking about anything ranging from office hours to using apps on my phone. I highly recommend keeping a planner, whether it be on paper or electronically – it will be your life saver! Write everything down, I can’t stress that enough.

tumblr_ml27eu8MrO1rmbv5ro1_500 4) Stay Organized

As I become more involved on campus, I receive numerous emails on a daily basis. Some from work, some from my students, and of course, some from my professors. I’ve created separate folders in my Catmail to sort and organize incoming emails, which will save me the trouble from scrolling through page after page desperately looking for an important email regarding an assignment that was probably due the day before.


5) Don’t Procrastinate!

Something I’m sure every college student as lectured themselves on at one point or another. It’s incredibly easy to do, and the thought of laying in bed, binging on Netflix after a long day of classes is just oh so appealing isn’t it?


These are just a few of the rules I wish to follow throughout this semester. Most of them I’m sure people would categorize as “no-brainers” but personally, I just enjoy having a game plan (I blame my mother for that one).


Well, I wish all of you the best of luck this semester, and I know we will all do amazing. Let’s just call the fall semester a bit of a warm up, sound good?



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