#JumpStartJanuary: #JumpStartTheNewYear

23 Jan

The past couple of semesters have been extremely busy and stressful. Since it is my Junior year of college, I have to begin worrying and thinking about the future. Between my job, extracurriculars, and schoolwork, I have also been preparing for my post-graduate endeavors. The past semester I studied for the MCAT, which is a Medical School Entrance Exam! Over winter break while everyone else was having fun with their high school friends, I was locked in my house studying and doing practice exams for 13+ hours a day, everyday! Towards the end of the break, I took my exam. Although there is a lot more to be done this semester… I started this year relaxing and enjoying myself.

I decided to #JumpStartJanuary and #JumpStartTheNewYear with good vibes and good company – something I was desperately in need of. I felt as though I was so disconnected to all of my friends for the past couple of months since my nose has been buried in books. These past 2 weeks have been absolutely spectacular. I was fortunate enough to visit my sister in Chicago for an incredible mini-vacation. Once returning to Tucson, I visited delicious cafes and brunch spots with some of my nearest and dearest friends. We were able to reconnect and catch up, we shared endless laughs along with major food comas (but it was all worth it).

Due to the long weekend, I was also able to take a mini-road trip to Scottsdale and Tempe with some of my old friends. We enjoyed roaming around the fancy streets of Scottsdale. Although Tempe is Enemy Territory, we enjoyed roaming around Mill Ave. and the Tempe Beach Park.

Overall, the New Year has started better than I had expected. I feel as though I got the break and relaxation needed to keep me going. I am so pumped for what is to come this year professionally, academically, and socially. Bring on 2015! I’m ready!

– Erica


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