A 16 Week Delay

25 Jan

I don’t know about your first semester on campus, but mine was pretty good (socially at least). My best friend from home and I both decided to come to U of A during our senior year of high school.


This was totally going to be us.

We decided not to live together that first year as we had very different opinions about which dorms would be the best to live in, but we did have a gen ed together! Life was pretty good, I had class with her 3 days a week and once we got our schedules settled, we ended up being able to see each other 5 days a week (normally). It was awesome, I mean I didn’t get to hang out with her A LOT but we could always do the daily update and it was like having a little piece of home.


Our routines were already established.

Of course I made some friends in my dorm also! My roommate and most of the girls in the hall all got along really well and hung out often. I also became really good friends with a guy in the hall and we hung out all of the time.

Now, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.


As fall semester was ending, I found out that my new friend decided to transfer to University of Miami. I supported him, I knew it would be best for him, but I also knew that was going to suck for me once spring semester started. Then as finals were wrapping up I found out my best friend (who I had come to U of A with) was transferring back home! I was heart broken.


This all caught up with me in January, I came back the day the dorms opened up again because I was very excited to come back to school – I loved having my own(ish) space and my own little world. I sat alone in my bedroom that night on the verge of tears. I ended up calling both of my abandoners.

Over the next few days I talked to some girls in the hall and one said something that stuck with me, “Your spring semester will be like everyone else’s fall semester, you have to make some new friends now.”

And that is what I did… I started making new friends, made a new group.


Kind of like this.

Some of these friends I am so lucky to have met, will other ones did not fit quite right. Either way, it was a learning experience and I became a stronger person because of my experience. 

And you might be asking a very serious question right about now – What the heck is with all of these White Chicks gifs? I mean, the biggest reason is that it’s one of my favorite movies. But it also has some perfect quotes to help me get my message across. 

— Elena


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