Deliberate Daredevil

30 Jan

When I think of the word ‘risk-taking,’ the first thing that comes to mind is a reckless daredevil with a blatant disregard for human life and well being. For a long time, I viewed risk takers as the kind of people who you’re intrigued by, but who you don’t want around most of the time because you can’t trust them to be responsible. However, I’ve come to realize that not all risk-taking is bad, especially when you’re in college and you have to impress people.


Por ejemplo, when I first got to college, I was really shy. I’ve always been mildly inept when it comes to talking to new people, but I needed help with chemistry so I gritted my teeth, compiled a list of questions, and dragged myself to office hours. I also started impromptu conversations with my classmates. It’s been two years and I still keep in touch with many of them. One of these lovely people is my boyfriend, Patrick. ❤ If I hadn’t introduced myself, he might have completely passed me by.


As you can imagine, the biggest risk that I took in college was putting myself out there. The thing about risks it that they’re risky (imagine that…). When you take chances, you have no way of knowing whether you’re going to come out intact or whether someone is going to pull a Squidward and break your heart into a bunch of tiny little pieces.


My point is that ‘risk’ is not a synonym for irresponsibility. Chances that you take deliberately need not bring harm to others or yourself.  Taking a risk simply means that you don’t know what the outcome of your actions will be and that can be beautiful and exciting, but also a teensy bit scary. I know that you all have the courage to take positive risks that will enrich both your lives and the lives of those you love.

Cheers to that!



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