#FearlessFebruary: Hola, Officer

2 Feb


Just slightly over a year ago, I drove to Puerto Penasco (otherwise known as Rocky Point) in order to celebrate my Dad’s birthday with my parents and cousins. Long story short. I crossed the border that Saturday morning (around 6:30am) and was IMMEDIATELY pulled over. Now I won’t give you the play-by-play (because when I tell my story it takes like 20 minutes), but I will give you the main points.

I had literally JUST crossed the border when I was immediately pulled over by two police officers. I was nervous because I didn’t speak the language, and it was a tough conversation to struggle through for 40 minutes. I ended up paying a fine and going on my way, but it definitely was a scary experience. It’s scary enough being pulled over when you do speak the language, so when you struggle to communicate, it makes the experience that much more nerve-wracking.



So a few weeks ago my friend asked, “Do you want to drive to Nogales, Sonora and walk around for the day?” I knew this was the perfect opportunity to have a better experience and it was an awesome trip!!!! 

We parked on the U.S. and walked across the border. 


We spent the day exploring the city, we had lunch, and went shopping. I loved it. 

My friend Maria is fluent in Spanish which made me feel so much more comfortable the entire time we were there. We met some awesome people as well. Some only spoke Spanish, but they still tried to include me in the conversation!

Overall it was a GREAT experience and I am so happy I could go back, face my nerves, and bring back some fun souvenirs! 



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