Valentine’s Day Tradition

6 Feb

I hate to be that cheesy, lovey-dovey person on Valentine’s day, but I can’t help it. This will be the 5th Valentine’s Day that I spend with my boyfriend and let me just say, every Valentine’s day feels like the first! We even started a small ‘tradition’ in honor of our first Valentine’s Day memories. I’ll start by walking you through Valentine’s Day 2011.

I had been hearing rumors all around school that a junior was interested in me. I was a sophomore at the time and since this was high school, it was the ‘cool’ thing to be dating someone older than you. However, I didn’t really care too much and didn’t pay much attention to the rumors since I had never met this kid in person. But on Valentine’s Day, I feel a tap on my shoulder as I’m walking to first period. Then, a handsome young man hands me a mocha frappaccino from Starbucks.

I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach! I felt so special because someone went through the trouble of waking up extra early just to bring me coffee in the morning. And he obviously had to ask around because that was my favorite drink at the time. His dedication to making my Valentine’s Day a special one is what won me over.

Every year since then, after a romantic date, he takes me to Starbucks and orders me a mocha frappuccino to remind me of how it all started. 

Not every Valentine’s Day has to be a gloomy one. Grab a friend, sister, brother, and/or significant other and show them how much you truly care about them…even if it’s a small gesture like buying them coffee.


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