#FearlessFebruary: Lost at Such Great Heights

17 Feb


For #FearlessFebruary I decided to conquer my fear of heights and made plans with my friends to hike at Gates Pass in Tucson. The days counting down to this monumental hike were slow and agonizing– All I could think about was steep cliffs and falling down them for days. This was my biggest fear actually–not the height part, but the falling part.

On a cool Sunday morning, four friends and I ventured into the desert paths to get in some good quality exercise. The first part of the hike was rather steep for me, and I needed to have someone hold my hand when my nerves got the best of me. After about an hour into the hike, I got more used to the cacti littered surroundings and began conquering my fears on my own. After another hour, my friends and I noticed something drastically different about the trail. It was getting harder and harder to dodge random shrubbery and dead cacti–an unusual occurrence for a man made trail. a half hour into this odd trail, we realized that it really wasn’t a trail at all– we were following a dried up wash. Having gone too far in the wrong direction, we we were completely lost. There were no man made trails in sight.

We wandered for about another hour until one of my friends decided to cut through the unkempt desert to try and find our way back to the beginning of the trail. On this somewhat dangerous route, all of my friends and I were injured by jumping cacti (They were littered everywhere–there was almost no way to avoid coming in very close proximity to them). Limping the rest of the way back, we finally found the man made trail to take us back to our starting point.

At the end of the hike, we ended up hiking for an unexpected three and a half hours. I had never been happier to see asphalt in my life. Funny enough, I ended up conquering two fears that day: my fear of heights, and my fear of being lost in the desert.

image (1)



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