#FearlessFebruary: Becoming an Audition Connoisseur

18 Feb

Auditions are about the most terrifying, scary, intimidating things to me.

Just think about what an audition is. Think of how auditioning or getting interviewed for something makes you feel.

scared animated GIF

In an audition, you literally stand in front of people who have all agreed to judge you.

These people are often people you want to be.

britney spears animated GIF

People you look up to.

nicki minaj animated GIF

And somehow you are totally okay with standing in front of them, being judged.

American Idol animated GIF

There are not many other situations in which someone would willingly stand hopeless in a room, begging for criticism and judgement.

reaction animated GIF

YET, auditions lead to great things, amazing things, wonderful things!

AKA getting into the show or program that you wanted to be part of!

American Idol animated GIF

And think about all of the priceless experience that you earn each time you audition for something!

Auditions and interviews are terrifying yet amazing, an experience everyone should endure at least once in their life.

Here’s my biggest piece of advice for someone going to their first audition or interview:

work animated GIF




Auditions are all about confidence.

American Idol animated GIF

Even though you might be terrified, walk into the room as if you were a royal highness.

pitch perfect animated GIF

Even if you consider yourself shy, find an inner confidence that will make you shine.

American Idol animated GIF

Show them who you are and why you believe you are talented enough to qualify for the role or position you are auditioning or interviewing for.

So You Think You Can Dance animated GIF

And why they NEED you to be part of their team.

So You Think You Can Dance animated GIF


Just do your thang, and walk out!

So You Think You Can Dance animated GIF

Sometimes you won’t be the person the role and it’s totally fine!

The entire point of auditioning is to TRY, and hopefully succeed.

Sometimes, regardless of how great you are, you won’t make the cut, and it’s totally fine, on to the next one.

If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.


Sometimes it will happen! Sometimes you will make the cut!

Auditions Callbacks animated GIF

And you will rock.

happy dance animated GIF

And you will forget about all that stress you had about auditioning.

happy dance animated GIF

Until you have to audition again for your NEXT job.

nicki minaj animated GIF


american idol animated GIF

But you’ll be fine, trust me, I’ve been there.

Recently, I’ve become an audition connoisseur, being that this semester alone I’ve applied and auditioned for about a billion different shows and positions. I’ve become really involved and interested in auditioning for different shows because I’ve acknowledged that this is something I truly enjoy. This is something I want to be part of, a world that is both exciting and terrifying for me. I want to audition for things that I believe to be suitable for, I want to audition for things I know that I am NOT suitable for, I just want to AUDITION. I want to be accepted. I even want to be rejected. I want to have the experience of auditioning, and I want to be able to acknowledge the fact that at least I tried. Anything worth fighting for requires work and stress and anxiety, it is up to us to get these things done, become comfortable with them, and do them with the least amount of stress or anxiety as possible.

Remember, you are a star, an icon in your own right.

You just made it into the second round of auditions, the call backs.


American Idol animated GIF



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