#FearlessFebruary: I Can See Clearly Now

18 Feb

The most terrifying thing I have done since coming to college has been going to an eye doctor appointment. Partly because I have a huge fear of anything/anyone being anywhere near my eyes and partially because I had never had to make an appointment by myself.


Of course I knew that I would have to make my own appointments after I left home, but somehow I had been able to put it off for a year and a half (a feat that is truly incredible considering my lack of balance and proclivity for accidents). But faced with impaired vision, it was time.

Searching for an acceptable eye place was hard enough. Once I found one I felt I was comfortable with, I called and found out they did not accept my insurance. Luckily the next place I called did and I booked the appointment.


So there I sat it the office, waiting for this stranger to stick his finger (or a torture device) in my eye. (Okay, that might not be accurate, but I haven’t been in a long time.) I remember being extremely terrified, but when the doctor came in the room he made me feel completely at ease and told me that no one would be sticking a finger in my eye.


Now that I was a little more at ease we began the tests. As it turns out, I only need reading glasses; so it would seem as though I freaked out over nothing. Regardless, I am glad that I did this because it was the first big step to me becoming a fully functional adult in modern day society.

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