Giving Back to the Community

22 Feb

Have you always wanted to get involved with the Tucson community, but weren’t sure how to start?  Joining a UA club that gives back to the community is a great way to do this!  With hundreds of clubs on campus, this blog will only highlight a few of the service clubs, so for a complete list of all clubs at the University of Arizona, check out the ASUA’s website.

Best Buddies is a club on campus that fosters friendships, employment, and leadership development for those with intellectual disabilities.  To become a College Best Buddy, you must be a full time student and in good academic standing.

BBLogo-color-large (1)

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tucson, otherwise known as “U of A Bigs” connects you to a child in the Tucson area. Through “volunteer recruitment, community outreach, fundraising, and community-building,” you can become a mentor and form a one-on-one relationship with your ‘Little’.”

color bbbs

Challah for Hunger is an organization on campus that bakes challah bread to promote and educate awareness for social issues locally and abroad.  Half of their profits are donated to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Challah for Hunger bakes every Thursday evening and sells the challah on the Mall every Friday at 10:00 am.


MEDLIFE at the University of Arizona is a global health organization that provides health care and improved access to Medicine, Education, and Development (MEDs) to low income families and those in underdeveloped countries.



So if you ever find yourself bored over the weekend, join one of these clubs, go outside, and do something worthwhile!  Remember that these are only a few clubs out of the hundreds within UA, if none of them fit your preference, keep searching for one that does.


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