Werk on that!

27 Feb

Ahh, spring.

spring animated GIF

Isn’t it nice?

flowers animated GIF

spring animated GIF

The flowers and the birds and the children smiling all around you…

spring animated GIF

Spring indeed is my favorite season.

spring animated GIF

But… Oh no.

surprised animated GIF

I just realized something…

miley cyrus animated GIF

Spring won’t last forever!

EditingAndLayout animated GIF

Fall is approaching quick.

scared animated GIF

Your next semester of college is approaching!

jennifer lawrence animated GIF

And you have to prepare for it.

scared animated GIF

Think about your last semester here at the wonderful University of Arizona.

Did you like it? Love it? Gotta have it?

Think about how that semester would have been if you would have done things differently, changed something up, or planned ahead.

thinking animated GIF


The best way to be prepared and to guarantee your success in college is to plan ahead! Take if from me, I’ve both planned and procrastinated, and I’ve reaped the benefits of both. Be that student who is prepared, who is aware of their next steps. Be the student you yourself would be proud of. Emphasize to yourself the need to be effective, to be successful in college. Because college is fun, it’s really fun! But what makes college even more fun is being aware of the balance you have to maintain within yourself to be successful in all aspects of college life. Imagine what it would be like to live and experience your perfect, ideal semester. You can totally do it! You have the ability to be aware of your plans for your college career.

shocked animated GIF

So, change up your schedule!

wow animated GIF

If you were solely focused on your classes but failed to make social connections, work on that!

christina aguilera animated GIF

If you were solely focused on social connections but failed to focus on your classes, work on that!

rupauls drag race animated GIF

Identify those aspects of your last semesters that you wont to work on, AND WORK ON THEM!

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

No one has to know what you are working on! No one has to know why you’re preparing for it!

secret animated GIF

Just be you and work on your own individual goals and start preparing for the Fall!

fall animated GIF

Make a plan.

plan animated GIF

And don’t forget to werk it.

girl animated GIF



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