Change Your Course With A Summer Course!

6 Mar

Now I know taking summer classes doesn’t seem like the most glamorous way to spend one’s summer break, but hear me out!


Summer courses at the U of A are scheduled in 2 sessions, each class lasting 5 weeks. Now this means that you’ll be learning the material at a much faster pace than you normally would during the Spring/Fall Semester, and they will most likely occur more than 2-3 times per week. But don’t let that intimidate you! Though this may sound a bit overwhelming, when you’re only taking 1 or 2 classes, it really isn’t all that bad.


Last summer, I stayed in Oregon with my mother for about a month. And during that time period I really didn’t have much to do considering my mom was at work for most of the day. So I applied for financial aid (yes, there is such a thing for summer courses) and once I got the A-Okay, I enrolled in 2 online classes since I knew I would be out of the state. So even if you won’t be in Tucson for the summer, taking online courses is always a great way to keep you busy!


Because I was taking 2 classes, versus 4 or 5, my workload was SO much lighter, and incredibly easy to handle while still having time to relax during my break. I got A’s in both class, which raised my GPA by almost .2 points! And we all know how beautiful that can be 🙂


So try not to write off summer courses right away, because it’s a manageable and efficient way to “point” your GPA in the right direction and get ahead, while still having the time to enjoy your well deserved summer break.

Best of all, registration for summer courses is now available on  UAccess!




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