#MiddlingMarch: Study with a Buddy to Survive Midterm Madness!

11 Mar

It’s the week before Spring Break, and you’re almost to the half-way mark, when all of the sudden, WHAM! Midterm madness crashes down on you. Maybe you were blindsided by this, maybe it was an ambush–all you know is that a pile of midterms are blocking your way to sand and sunshine.

10903427_1588435484727212_762202099_a (1)

If you’re like me, at this point you’ll start to panic. Maybe even hyperventilate a little.


But don’t grab that brown paper bag just yet! From personal experience, I have a solution to your panic and anticipated isolation problem: study with a buddy! This idea may seem rudimentary, but studying with, or simply next to someone of your choice can be more reassuring and less daunting than doing all of that studying on your own in seclusion. We sometimes lose ourselves during the period of midterm madness, but having another human being by your side can really anchor you back to reality and give you at least a little peace of mind.


Trust me, that’s how I got over this month’s middling midterms!


Keep Calm and Study for the Midterm1_0


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