#MiddlingMarch: Tidy Room, Tidy Life

11 Mar

Every Spring Break I do the same thing: I clean. I know, I know duh spring cleaning, everyone does that. The difference between me and everyone else is 1: the level of cleaning I do surpasses that of most people, and 2: the cathartic release my cleanings give to me.

As a child, I was always taught that dirtiness is directly connected to how you feel inside. If you are willing to live in filth, you must be going through a lot of angst in your life. Over the years, I have taken this life lesson and made it into my own release of emotions. As I clean, I am letting out all of the stress I have built up, like my throwing out old papers will also throw out the angst and emotions I felt when writing them. That is why Spring Break is an ideal time to do this because boy have I built up a lot of emotions this semester.


The key to this cleaning is devoting 2 whole days to it; after all, I have had a whole year to bottle up these emotions, it will take a while to get rid of them. Once I have my time set out, I start with my desk. It is both the best and most emotionally draining part of the process so I get it out of the way when I have the most energy. I go through every paper and notebook keeping only the things I absolutely need or things that I am particularly proud of. At this point I usually start a pile to take home (in this pile will be books I no longer need, useless stuff I have accumulated over the school year and other things I might use at home). Once I finish my desk I move onto my closet, donating clothes I haven’t worn in more than a month or that I don’t think I can salvage with sewing.


The bathroom comes next and I deep clean that throwing away almost empty bottles that I keep for absolutely no reason. Then I dust everything.. That usually ends the first day of cleaning. The next day is filled with laundry, the kitchen, living room, and the patio. After all of this I am physically drained, but emotionally rested.


Now, I don’t want you people reading this to think I don’t clean except on these two days. I definitely do, but those cleanings aren’t nearly as thorough or emotionally cleansing as these two days which is the point of doing it. I know that after these two days are over, I will be ready to come back to school and finish on a high note.




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