#MiddlingMarch: Quality Time with my Boyfriend/Best Friend

12 Mar

As we all know, the middle of the semester can be super busy, stressful, and hectic! In my own semester, specifically, I have been dealing with and worrying about post-graduation job searches and interviews. Stressful situation, am I right?!

What do I do in order to de-stress myself during these hard times? Well, I spend time with my best friend (who happens to be my boyfriend), of course!


Not to sound super gushy or anything, but my boyfriend, Alex, really is one of my very best friends. And any of you who have a best friend know that spending time with them can be such an awesome tool to de-stress and have some fun in the middle of a crazy, stressful time.

If we aren’t just sitting at home watching Netflix (either Bridezillas or some Wildlife Documentary), then we are getting coffee, or ice cream, or my favorite… sushi!

All these different activities are fun just by themselves. But the fact that I get to do them with Alex makes them even better.

Whenever I am feeling stressed or over whelmed, all I have to do is give him a big fat hug, and all the stress just melts away!


If anyone is looking for a way to de-stress during midterms, I would definitely suggest finding a best friend and/or a significant other to spend time with. Does wonders for the soul!




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