Navigating UAccess

12 Mar

Adding classes to your shopping cart.

If you registered for classes for Spring 2015 semester, then you actually already know how to add classes into your shopping cart! If you don’t remember how you did it, here are a few steps on adding classes.

1) Search for a class. For all intents and purposes, let’s say that you’re looking for Classical Literature in Translation

Adding Classes 2 final 2

2) Click on the class after the search brings it up.

3) Click Select Class at the bottom of the screen.

Adding classes 1 final

4) Click next on the screen and it has been added to your shopping cart!

Adding Classes 3 final

Adding classes is pretty easy, and once you do you can start tentatively planning for next semester. Another great thing about adding classes to your shopping cart is that you can have back up classes just in case the class you want fills up!

Checking your Advisement Report.

Checking your academic report can be very useful so long as you know what your major is. Here are some helpful steps to finding and using your academic report.

1) To find the report, you stay on the homepage of UAcess (it’s almost like they WANT you to use these huh?). On the left hand side will be a drop down bar; click on it. The Advisement Report will be the 3rd option on the screen.

Advisement Report 1 final

2) Once you click that, you will be taken to a page that has your requirements for your undergrad, your major, and your minor. Here is where you will be able to see if you are missing gen eds or if you need to take more upper division units for your classes.

Advisement Report 2 final

3) Additionally, your advisor might ask for a copy of this if you are going in to talk to them. To keep a copy, click “view the report as a pdf” and save it to your computer.

Advisement Report 3 final

As you can see, this would be a useful tool to use when planning out your classes.

Smart Planner

1) You can find this by clicking on the Plan link on your UAccess home screen.

Smart Planner 1 final

2) At the top of the page that pops up, you will see a link to Smart Planner; click it.

Smart Planner 2 Final

3) Once you select it, your personalized study plan will pop up (please note it might take a little while… nothing is perfect).

4) After your plan pops up, you can change it depending on how many units you would like to take each semester you have left, if you are going to take summer/ winter courses, ect. You can also come up with different “What-if” scenarios that let you check out requirements for other majors and minors that you might want to tack on!

Smart Planner 3 final

Remember that all of these tools are here to help you, but they can’t help you unless you utilize them!



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