15 Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix

13 Mar

For some, Spring Break is a time of sleepless nights and grand adventures, but for others it is a time of much needed rest and leisure. During this time of leisure, many will take part in binge-watching TV shows. When flipping through Netflix, how does one decide what to watch? There are so many choices out there, and half of them are practically unwatchable. Here is a list of the Top 15 shows to watch on Netflix, but before you begin, remember to binge-watch responsibly.

15. Undeclared


Undeclared is an awesome example of how unexpected and awkward college can be. College is a time of growth and self exploration. Take a few tips from Steven Karp and try new things. Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun.

14. About a Boy

If you are looking for a humor and a family dynamic, check out About a Boy. This kid is a tad peculiar. With a free-spirited, vegan, single mother, Marcus becomes attached to the commitment-phobe, Will, next door. Their crazy adventures will have you rolling with laughter.


13. Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is a fun rom-com with law thrown in. Deb dies and returns to earth in Jane’s body, at which point she has to learn how to navigate her new life as a super smart lawyer. This show has a bit of everything – comedy, love interests, drama, court cases, and fashion.


12. Once Upon a Time

Who knew fairy tales could be so relationship-driven and dramatic? Once Upon a Time is a modern twist on the classic fairy tales.


11. Scandal

Scandal is exactly what the title implies. Olivia Pope and Gladiators are amazing at making bad things go away – for the right price. Olivia is the person you want on your side when it hits the fan.


10. Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one big, fantastical, science-fiction adventure. Join the Doctor as he travels through space and time battling evil.


9. Bates Motel

Nothing is quite what it seems in Bates Motel. What’s not to love about murder and mystery? Watch, but try to not let the suspense consume you.


8. Friends

If you have not had the chance to watch Friends from the beginning, now is the time. With 10 seasons of drama, humor, crazy adventures, and love dilemmas, why waste another week not watching it?


7. House of Cards

Looking for suspense and deceit? Follow Francis Underwood as he manipulates the system to gain power and take revenge on those who cross him. In this show, the ends always justify the means.


6. New Girl

New Girl follows Jessica Day and her 3 roommates as they awkwardly try to find their place in the world. Jess is quirky and rocks a lot of polka dots. Even though her roommates don’t always understand her, they are always there to support her.


5. How I Met Your Mother

Humor, heartbreak, love, and adventure are all words that describe this show. Join Ted on his round-about journey fraught with embarrassment and misunderstandings as he searches to find the woman he will spend his life with.


4. Sherlock

Love mystery, action, and adventure? Then Sherlock is the show for you. Watch this highly-functioning sociopath and his loyal companion, John Watson, as they solve murders and take on crime rings.


3. Parks and Recreation

Watch as the Pawnee Parks and Recreation officials fight for change with absurd tricks and crazy schemes. Led by Leslie Knope, the Parks and Rec crew never fails to make you lol to the point of peeing your pants, but also remember tissues for the touching and heartfelt moments too!


2. The Walking Dead

Where would you be if the walker apocalypse hit? Follow Rick and his group as they try to survive this new, desolate world. The sheer brutality of the show will have you questioning your ability to survive.


1. Supernatural

Horror, suspense, heroism, love, adventure, and humor – this show has everything and more. Join Team Free Will as the Winchester brothers fight against all odds to save as many people as they can. Emotional investment is almost certainly guaranteed, so watch at your own emotional risk.


Whether you prefer HIMYM or the Walking Dead, the art of binge-watching is something everyone can take part in. This is a new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, but always engage responsibly. Drink some fluids, remember to eat, and get some human interaction after every 5th show (or at the end of a season…doesn’t loving a fictional character or two constitute enough “human” interaction?). Remember, there is nothing wrong with saying “Heck yes!!!” when Netflix annoyingly asks: “Do you want to continue watching?” (In case you’re wondering, it asks after every three episodes.)



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