#MiddlingMarch: Girls’ Night Out

13 Mar


March is always a hectic time on campus. Midterms lurk behind every corner, and Spring Break seems so far away. This is why my roommate and I always have a girls night out once our midterms are over. Our girls night out usually involves a nice dinner, followed by a movie, and a dance party in our living room.

My favorite restaurant downtown is the Hub. Their food is delicious and their ice cream is to die for! My roommate and I love to sit out on the patio section and pretend to be fancy business women as we sip our ice tea and talk about life. It is the little things in life that I enjoy most – like having dinner with my amazing roommate. After our dessert of way too much ice cream, we usually head back to our apartment to unwind with a movie.

Though I am partial to watching rom-coms, my roommate loves watching horror movies. Sometimes I can persuade her to watch one of my favorite movies like Something Borrowed or Leap Year, but most of the time we end up watching movies like Jeepers Creepers and Sinister. Either way, we both have a good time being together. Most of the time, my roommate likes to follow up with a dance party in our living room. Though dancing is not my favorite activity, she makes it fun and worthwhile.

-Erika L.


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