#MiddlingMarch: A More Productive Me!

16 Mar

Spring semester is amazing. There is rarely bad weather, Fall finals are done, and you are back from the holidays, rested and ready to start again. Then it hits you: the Spring Semester Slump. You aren’t as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as you were coming back from break. As midterms begin, you start to feel lethargic and would rather binge-watch your favorite show than spend the weekend studying. At least that’s how I felt. My solution to the troublesome #MiddlingMarch was to (*cue dramatic music*) give up Netflix. *collective gasp*


I never thought it would be a big deal, but I also never realized how much I watch Netflix. I don’t have a TV so whenever I have a break or just want to kill time or sit down to eat dinner in my dorm, Netflix is on. Friends came on Netflix in the beginning of January and I started marathoning all 10 seasons. With midterms approaching, I didn’t want to study because House of Cards. And it hit me.


I was spending entirely too. much. time. watching TV. Everyone likes to joke and kid that we would rather stay in and watch Netflix than go out or study, but that can become a real problem for me. I stopped being productive both academically and socially, and that’s why I needed a change. Netflix had to go.


While it is still early in the month, I have already become so much more productive. When I first stopped, I struggled to fill the time that I had spent watching Netflix. Whenever I would tell my friends or family that I was having trouble filling time, they suggested studying, social media, exercise, or the alternative: Hulu. For the first week I mostly just slept. There’s only so much studying a person can do! As soon as I caught up on my sleep, I decided I needed organization and routine in my life. I fell into a routine of studying, sleeping, exercise, and relaxing in the most productive way possible.


While it’s okay to have the occasional night in with Netflix, it is never okay to let it (or any number of alternative forms of entertainment) interfere with your productivity. If you start to get a little unbalanced in the academics-fun-sleep equation, take a step back, regroup, and fall into a routine you can be proud of. 



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