#MiddlingMarch: Marching On Through March

16 Mar

It’s usually at this point in the semester when we realize exactly where we stand in each of our classes. We come face to face with the Grades tab on D2L and find out whether or not we really need to step it up from here on out. This just so happens to be the case for myself. Even though I would say I’m doing decent in all of my courses, I know that I can do much better.


Last semester I declared a minor in music, because in high school I really enjoyed being in concert and marching band. I figured, “Hey, why not study something I’m already familiar with?” And sure enough, my knowledge of music did give me advantage…but only for the first chapter in our textbook. Believe it or not, Music Theory can be incredibly hard to understand, and I admit to underestimating the amount effort I would have to put forth in the class.

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Same with a Music Literature class I am also taking. Though the course mainly consists of listening to famous pieces of music and completing homework assignments based off of them, it requires much critical thinking and the ability to effortlessly read sheet music. I definitely have fallen into the habit of procrastinating homework. Though they are assigned on a biweekly basis, they take at least 2 hours to complete!


I have wavered slightly since the beginning of the semester, but I know that it’s not too late to change. I think a mistake that students often make, is assuming they still can’t get a decent grade in a class and stop trying all together. I’m telling you guys, there’s still time! That’s what I keep telling myself, that there’s still hope that I can finish off this semester STRONG.


If there’s material that’s still difficult to understand, go to office hours or email a TA. Take advantage of free time, and start working on assignments way before they’re due. Participate in class discussions and ask questions, especially if it will earn you points. Make friends who you can study with and email when you have questions about homework assignments.


Anything and everything will help, trust me.


Good luck on the rest of your semester 🙂



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