#MiddlingMarch: Setting Up Mini-Adventures!

16 Mar

I’m not going to “sugar coat” it. At this point in the semester I’m done. All of the exams, papers, meetings, etc. has worn me out and I’m ready for a break. Except there’s one problem: We’re barely in March.


The mid-semester lull hits the hardest in March and I need some kind of motivation to keep me going. I used to countdown the days until summer break, but starting a countdown with 70+ days left does the opposite of motivating me.

Instead of counting down to a day so far into the future, I make small countdowns to adventures! Creating small adventures in between now and the end of the semester is a great way to motivate yourself and give yourself the very needed break.


These adventures don’t need to be anything extravagant. Just setting up a time to do something new, spend time with friends, and take a break is all it takes! Here’s the calendar for my adventures until the end of the semester:




Now I get to be excited for what’s happening in six days, instead of counting down from 70 days. My adventures aren’t anything extreme. I have days planned where I just bake with my best friend and have a picnic. I also have a mini-roadtrip to Flagstaff, which will be a little more of an adventure than others. The point is to plan events that you’ll look forward to. You’ll get your mind off of homework and meetings, so you can take a mental break.

Think of the next adventure that awaits you and have fun with the rest of your semester! We’re almost there!



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