#MiddlingMarch: Stop Wiiging Out and LOL Some More

16 Mar

March is a very interesting month, a time of change and new beginnings.

snl animated GIF

On one hand, it’s halfway through the spring semester, which is a good thing. Summer is approaching!

But on the other hand, IT’S HALF WAY THROUGH THE SPRING SEMESTER, and you now have less time to figure out all of the various things you’ve been pushing aside!

Now add the stress of attempting to survive through midterms and planning an eventful spring break… that can definitely give a student anxiety!

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But guess, what? There are many things a student can do to combat that added stress and anxiety that comes with this month.

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You can laugh.

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Seriously, think of how cleansing and healing laughter can be during times of anxiety and stress.

snl animated GIF

I bet you’ve never realized how magical laughing can truly be!

kristen wiig animated GIF

So laugh it up!

excited animated GIF

Be fun, wild, free!

Enjoy your life!

Let your hair down!

Go cruising and find an adventure!

car animated GIF

I bet you’ll realize that your semester will go much smoother if you just relax, laugh a little, and enjoy yourself.

kristen wiig animated GIF

In my short life if found that life is too short to not completely enjoy it.

For a while, I completely became someone that I didn’t want to be because of the stress and anxiety that I constantly had to deal with. I was unhappy, and was making others around me unhappy as well. This month, I came to acknowledge the importance of comedy and humor in my life. And I hope to see it change my perspective on my semester and I also hope to inspire other people through humor.

School is difficult, it really is. But that is totally fine. One must focus on the positive things we encounter in our day to day lives. We must appreciate the fact that we have things to stress out about, things to learn, things to study!

So shake it off!

kristen wiig animated GIF

Set a goal, however hard it might be, and work for it!

bridesmaids animated GIF

Remember, you’re a star!

kristen wiig animated GIF

You will be fine! You will succeed. You just need to remember to always try your best, always be passionate, and never give up! Even if horrible things seem to happen, learn how to be able to brush things off and to continue on your own path. No one can be YOU as well as YOU can be YOU.

So laugh a little more this March, and please, stop wiiging out!

kristen wiig animated GIF

P.S. Kristen Wiig is good at making people laugh!


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