#MiddlingMarch: Ice Cream Always Makes Everything Better

18 Mar

Finally, midterms are over and the time for some R & R is here! While others take road trips to California or fly overseas, I like to spend some “me” time.

blog 2

After a stressful week of school and what feels like an eternity of studying, I like to spend some time in my cave (my bedroom) and share a moment with the one thing I love saying “hello” to, but find it hardest saying “goodbye” to: my bed. I snuggle under the covers, take a deep breathe and let the relaxation begin.

blog 1

It is at this point that I so casually reach for the remote and turn on Netflix, the mothership for any film and TV enthusiast. Once I start watching a show, I usually don’t move from the initial position for 4-6 hours. Anything under that is an amateur’s work.

blog 3

However, the night isn’t complete until Ben & Jerry show up for the party!

blog 4

Overall, remember that you don’t have to have an extravagant vacation planned out in order to make your post-midterm break a great one! Don’t forget to treat yo’ self!




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