#MiddlingMarch: The time I forgot about Spring Break…

18 Mar

March madness…the phrase sums up college in March just about right. I’m sure several of you can relate these past few weeks have been quite…well, stressful.

Stressed coffe cat gif

If you’re like me, you probably have been so busy that the thought of spring break barely crossed your mind. I know, I know, “How can you forget about Spring Break?!” It happens, believe me it really does! Usually we think of our spring break plans as motivation to get through our midterms, “surprise” assignments, and other tasks.

Nope, not in this case. My mind was so preoccupied on what I had to complete over the week that I hardly had time to think about my trip to San Diego with my 3 best friends!

Shocker right? Well considering I only spent my time in my apartment, school, work, and the library, planning my trip was the least of my worries.

Until my friend Rose called me…

“Maddie how much will you need for gas?”

“Gas? For what?”

“… San Diego? Remember?”

I paused, then realized “Oh yeah we’re taking MY car to San Diego! Oh wait, we’re going to San Diego in less than a week!”

Stressed Tina

I was nowhere near prepared. My mind was still stuck on my OPTI 200 midterm…if  you asked me what the speed of light was and what were the classifications of lasers oh boy would we have a delightful conversation.

Fast forward three days when I go to Costco with my other two friends Dani and Rachel:

Rachel hands me the shopping cart, “Maddie, what food do you want to eat on the way up there?”

“…Uhh I don’t know Pirate’s Booty?”

Dani nudges my shoulder, “No, we mean REAL food, like fruit and sandwiches, no Pirate’s Booty!”

“… But I love the booty!”


Two bags of booty, some strawberries, and lemon cakes later it was finally starting to hit me. All the stress and anxiety I held was about to go away. Every headache, every caffeine kick, every day of me saying “no, I don’t have time to waste” was about to just – POOF – evaporate!

Looking back I am really surprised I managed to go on a trip with hardly any plans on my part. I grabbed my keys and just drove. But instead of thinking about my plans for spring break, I was able to focus on my studies. And it made my trip to San Diego a lot more worth it.

So, while we may use our spring break or vacation plans as motivation to get through our March madness, it doesn’t hurt to focus on your current responsibilities. Your mind and body will thank you for the sudden rest and fun that you just so happened to forget about! Whoops!

Until next time,



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