#MiddlingMarch: Graduation, Here I Come!

23 Mar

Buying my graduation cap and gown was something that needed to be done, but I definitely didn’t want to do it. As a senior at the U of A, I have not found myself particularly happy that I am graduating in a mere two months. May 16th, 2015 is the date that I will complete my undergraduate journey at the University of Arizona, and this is both the scariest and most exciting thing that I have accomplished so far in my life.

I was going to Starbucks with another Peer Mentor, Julian, when I saw that Jostens had an early bird graduation sale set up in the Bookstore. The regular graduation fair is not supposed to occur until the end of March, but I thought I might as well get over my fear and start preparing a little early for such a big event in my life. I ordered a class ring, announcements, and my cap and gown. Because I have a double major, my cap came with two tassels (gold for Science, maroon for Agriculture and Life Sciences—ew ASU colors).


Word of advice, start saving now for your graduation. Class rings are hundreds of dollars, the cap and gown bundle is around $50-60, and announcements vary from $75+. Not only this, but senior photos must be done and graduation parties with family and friends must be planned. Graduation is a pricey event, but one that should be commemorated properly as it is such an accomplishment. You need to praise yourself for all of your hard undergraduate work.

So far, my sister and I have done a photo shoot in Phoenix together, as she graduates high school on the same date as me. But I still need to take senior photos around U of A’s campus. And plan some photo shoots with all my friends who are graduating and those who are not as well. There’s a lot to think about, so if you’re not graduating this May, I recommend at least having it in the back of your mind for now. 🙂




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