#MiddlingMarch: An Island Escape

25 Mar

March is a wonderful month. It’s the last few weeks of beautiful weather before Arizona turns into the scorching hot desert it is.  It also signifies the halfway mark for Spring semester.  Sometimes I think “Whoa it’s already halfway through the semester?!” But other times I sadly reflect on how it’s only halfway through the semester.  This March was one of those times. Lucky for me, Spring Break came at a perfect time to get me out of my semester slump.  And that’s what truly makes March so wonderful: Spring Break!

This year for #SB2k15 my boyfriend and I traveled to Santa Catalina Island in California:


This was a much needed vacation for us because between work and school, we’ve been pretty stressed and haven’t had much free time.  So, it was a nice change of scenery when we spent our days looking at this instead of the inside of the library.


The first activity we did when we got to Catalina was go on a “Submarine” tour. It was actually just a boat with large windows in the bottom you could look out of, but it was still amazing. You could shoot out fish food into the water and create a “feeding frenzy” where all of the fish swarm by the window. Unfortunately I didn’t capture a picture of the feeding frenzy, but I did take this one of the fish just swimming around doing their fishy thing.


The next day we went parasailing.  It was fun and exhilarating, but not something I would ever do again.  I’m usually not frightened of heights, but being suspended 800 feet over the ocean was one of the scariest moments of my life. However, the view of the island from above was unreal.  I wish I could have appreciated it more, but I was too focused on what would happen if our harness broke or the rope snapped.  I wasn’t able to get a picture of us parasailing because I didn’t want to risk dropping my phone in the water, but here’s random photo to give you an idea of what it is.  Picture this except 800 feet higher…


The last night on the island, we ate outside at a restaurant on the pier.  The sunset over the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach made it one of the most serene environments I had ever been in.  This is the view we had from our table:


The best part about going on vacation is the food.  And the food on Catalina Island didn’t disappoint.  So to top off our lovely beach-side sunset dinner, I ordered this magnificent piece of dessert.  It’s called a Java Mudslide and it was heaven.


Catalina Island was the perfect escape from the craziness of college.  I wish we didn’t have to leave, but hopefully I’ll be back another year.


– Kaelyn


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