#MiddlingMarch: Taking a Mini Vacation

25 Mar

Around this time in the semester, students start feeling symptoms such as weariness, fatigue, strain, and most importantly STRESS! This illness is commonly know as the midsemester-itis! 


We all go through it! If (and when) you start experiencing these symptoms, all you have to do is breathe in and get your mind off of the stress! I like to advise students to do something that makes them happy, whether it’s watching Netflix for a whole afternoon, cooking a new meal, painting, shopping, or even going on a mini vacation. Whatever the activity may be, its purpose is to relieve your stress for a few hours. There has been some controversy whether stress is ‘healthy’ for you, but I for sure know one thing: it makes me feel miserable and unhappy. Which is why I decided that I would take a mini vacation to San Diego.

My boyfriend took me to San Diego Zoo for our four year anniversary! He couldn’t have planned it for a better time since I am currently suffering from midsemester-itis. Most of Saturday morning and afternoon was dedicated to the zoo and relaxing by the poolside. The next day we visited the beach, laid on the sand for hours, and walked on the pier before going back home.


It was definitely a much needed getaway!


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